Get back on a bike

From 2011 to the end of 2015, The Bike Experience has helped 170 disabled riders get back on a bike in a safe, controlled environment.

We can help you do the same too.

Riders have had differing levels of experience (racer to complete novice) and differing disabilities  – paraplegia, amputee, MS, stroke, PTSD, vision impairment, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, polio, CP.

Rider being launched

The Experience is free of charge to you as a rider, but if you wish to make a donation to the charity at the end of the course, we would be extremely grateful.

You no longer need to have ridden a motorcycle before your accident/disability.

Now you can learn to ride

We have a 125cc motorcycle which has static stabilisers to help you learn. The stabilisers allow the candidate to get used to the hand operations required for a bike in total safety.

They are easily removed once you are confident and wish to begin with steering inputs on the bike

If you have any concerns that you might not be able to ride, then come along to an event to watch and the experienced instructors will then assess you.

Riders are expected to sign an indemnity form before participating in any TBE event.


The Experience is supported by a large number of volunteers who are there to act as your launch crew.  We are always looking for more, so please contact one of the staff if you are interested.

If, as a rider you want to have your own mates help as part of the launch crew, they should be able-bodied and strong enough to help with getting you on the bike, as well as holding the bike with you on it.

This is not a ‘males-only’ event and we have anyone as a volunteer.  Women have caught and launched riders alongside the men, so partners are always welcomed.


It is sensible to get your kit sorted before you come, that way you know it fits you.

If bringing own motorcycle leathers these must be one piece, or if two piece they must have a full zip around.  The leather trousers should also have the velcro knee-slider patches.  We use straps onto these to help keep the knees in against the frame of the bike.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a mate to lend you something, as motorcycle leathers, gloves, boots and helmets can be provided by us.

Held Rider Protection have recently provided us with 12 sets of Boots, Gloves, Two-piece Leathers at a vastly reduced price. So there is brand new equipment to keep you safe.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, we also have a selection of second hand kit that we can supply if given advance notice.

Whilst we will only use approved Kite Marked equipment, in suitable working condition, we cannot give a 100% guarantee on their integrity.  We won’t supply you with a second hand helmet – you can never be totally sure it hasn’t been dropped, so  we provide all riders with a brand new LS2 helmet to wear during the training.

Other essential info

A café is onsite, serving drinks and food.  There is an accessible toilet in the café and another in the Strawford Centre.  These areas can also be used for changing into leathers.

Suitable viewing facilities are available around the track for friends and family that may wish to come.  Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the pit lane area, but trackside viewing is only a short distance away and you can actually see more of the track from the other side of the Avon Bridge.

Photography and video

We will endeavour to record your visit with photographs and possible video from on-bike camera.

Inactionphotography can be booked to record your special day at The Bike Experience. The excellent camera-sharp Jason will snap away all day and collate your photographs for a truly professional reminder of the best day of your life.  The cost of a cd holding 60-90 photographs is £30 payable on the day.  The photographs will be collated and edited by Jason and they will be posted onto you within two days.


There will also be the opportunity to help the charity continue working by purchasing Bike Experience T-shirts or Hoodies.

Safety note

You will be continually assessed by instructors for safety, awareness, technique, confidence, understanding. The instructor reserves the right to bring the pupil in at any time during the various stages if there is any doubt as to safety of the pupil, instructor or any other third party.

Any rider that arrives (or becomes throughout the course of the day) under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not take part in the Experience and may be banned from any future participation.