Goodwood FoS

Last weekend saw Talan and members of TBE attend the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. Talan was to run the Hill-climb as part of the bike demonstration and the charity was having bikes on show to the public to increase awareness. TBE actually ended up moving onto the Mission Motorsport site, as we are about to become the ‘service provider’ for two wheeled instruction for the MM charity. The MM charity helps to rehab and re-train injured/disabled members of the Armed Forces through motorsport. TBE is going to be able to help with the motorcycling aspect of it. The military days will be separate to the regular days, so the military won’t be encroaching on the limited places that TBE offers for free.

The three days were hectic and productive. Talan was able to persuade a number of racers and ex-racers to pair up and ride the hill with him, namely: Wayne Gardner, Troy Corser, Conor Cummins and Bradley Smith. It was a total honour for Talan to ride the hill and to ride with some of the big names of motorsport.

TBE got a number of pre-recorded interviews, some live radio interviews and Sky TV interview as well. All this has gone to help make many bikers aware of what is possible, and that they can still ride a bike.

Many thanks to all who helped throughout the long weekend, and those who stayed around to help pack everything away. We hope you enjoyed the FoS and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get an invitation to return next year.

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