News on 2013 Season.

2013 Update.

Many of you have been waiting for dates, but we too have been waiting on others to get back and confirm with us.  Here are the facts:

Despite writing to Castle Combe, there has been no response saying whether we are able to use the circuit this 2013 season.  However, RAF Odiham have written to confirm the three ARD dates.  These are:

28th April
27th July
8th September

To ensure we meet demands of riders wishing to come this season we have had to look elsewhere.  As such we are pleased to announce that Silverstone Circuit has offered TBE twelve dates.  These are:

9th April

7th May &  20th May

4th June  &  11th June

17th July  &  18th July

6th August  &  20th August

4th Sept  &  13th September

9th Oct
TBE will have use of the old Copse Runway area and surrounding car parking area, which gives us plenty of size to create a circuit for riders to circulate without having to move to a track and without any restrictions on time. What else do we have? – there is suitable car parking for all, there are accessible loo’s, a porta-cabin to act as an office/shelter (we know how much it rained last year), there is onsite medical support, and a link to the Silverstone PR machine and its partners.  There is also the possibility of having a stand at WSBK and MotoGP events at Silverstone, and being part of the Silverstone stand at the NEC bike show.  The downside, this has come at a cost, as Silverstone is a business, and we need to raise £9000 for the venue hire.  TBE has already submitted a funding request to Awards4All, which helped the charity last season, keep fingers crossed.

I know that for some this might mean the journey is too great, and for that I am sorry, but there was a big worry that we might not have anywhere to run the charity from in 2013 and the only dates would be the three ARD dates at RAF Odiham.  I have over twenty riders waiting to book on, and as the charity is for them and not us, it means that some of us will have to travel a bit more.  I understand if you feel this is too great but TBE couldn’t run without a venue.  We are still hoping to run Rider Development from Castle Combe.  This would be for two riders to join in with the main track day, with an instructor and launch crew provided.  Again, we have had no word from Castle Combe and time is marching on for all to book work off, both riders and launch crew.  I am keeping fingers crossed that we can continue our links with Castle Combe as it is the birthplace of the charity and without them we would never have got started.

We have secured the support from Piaggio Group for the loan of the two Mana’s to continue for 2013 season.  In addition RnG Protection have given the charity crash protection for the riders bikes.  Lemonade Screenprint will continue to provide the fantastic tshirts.  We have the continued support from Scrubbers Leathers who repair second hand leathers and now sell second hand leathers, with proceeds coming to TBE.  There are more possibilities out there as well, so we will keep trying to raise funds so that we can have the best season yet.

I want to thank everyone involved with the charity, you have made a huge difference to 65 disabled riders over the past two years.  You have brought belief, newfound independence, joy, happiness and confidence to the riders, families, friends, onlookers and yourselves.  You have a right to be extremely proud of your incredible work.  Please help us to continue this wonderful opportunity, and spread the word.

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