Rider testimonials

The Bike Experience changes people’s lives.

Rider testimonials from the people who have taken part in The Bike Experience

Rider being launched

A letter from Colin Ketteringham. October 2014

“The Bike Experience has changed my life.

“I was talking to Sue Wilson about bikes and I said I would love to ride one again, I thought no more of it until I woke next morning to find all this information about The Bike Experience (TBE).

“I was in a wheelchair then, I have a terminal illness called ‘multiple system atrophy’. I’d let my disease rule my life and I had given up on life.

“Then one beautiful July morning I was taken to silverstone to see the TBEX.

“Well, it was like taking a child to a sweet shop, but these sweets were Aprilia Mana 800’s. I didn’t expect to ride that day, but I did, and it changed my life. My head was free and clear of everything, just me and a bike again.

“I went again in September to silverstone, I wanted to live again and TBE gave me hope, courage and a positive mental attitude. I stopped my disease from controlling my life and started living again, I have never looked back since riding again.

“In October instead off arriving in my wheelchair I walked in using a stick, and nobody really recognised me. The DVLA revoked my license last April but I now have it back for another year. If it wasn’t for my family, my friends and The Bike Experience I would hate to think where I would be now.

“I now have my own bike again – a Suzuki GSXR 1000, I have got to thank my family, my friends and The Bike Experience for all your help and support and trust you have given me over the last few months. I look forward to every day now instead of hating everyday. Keep up the fantastic work TBEX.”

Paul Airey – TBEX Rider 2014

“Me back on a bike after 14yrs! A huge thank you to my wife Deb, Talan and ‘The Bike Experience’ for making what used to be just a dream become a reality.

“An extremely safe and professionally run charity specifically formed to help people like myself get back on a bike. Epic.”

Scott Williamson – TBE Rider 2014

“I would just like to thank everyone for making today an experience of a life time. Thank you so much for all your help. It was wet, but the best fun I have had in the rain for a long time!!”

Tazzi Brown – TBE Rider 2014

“No words can say how I feel, still grinning and THANK YOUUUUUUU certainly doesn’t come close. Massive thank you to all who were there and behind the scenes, you guys rock and made a 4 year dream a reality. hugzzzzzzzzzzz xxx”

Jacki Barton – TBE Volunteer 2014

“A big thank you to all at The Bike Experience again for a great day. Today they made three lads dreams come true. This makes me very pleased that the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling is sponsoring The Bike Experience. Thanks for the lift.”

Scott Hillier – Bike Experience Rider on 20th April 2011, awarded Level 1:

‘I was very apprehensive about get back on a motorcycle but the bike experience crew were excellent and providing a very safe environment which gave me a lot of confidence in them.

‘I never thought after my accident i would ever feel the adrenaline rush of being able to ride again, but the bike experience definately proved me wrong!

‘The opportunity that the bike experience offers of trying out adaptive motorcycling in a safe environment away from the roads is something that you must not miss!

‘After trying bike experience and getting the adrenaline rush and excitement of riding again i have already booked my next track day!’

Lindsay Chapman – Bike Experience Rider on 18th May 2011:

’I think i must have gone through the full scale of emotions on the day… it certainly got my heart racing….!’


Dan Edwards – Bike Experience Rider on 22 June 2011:

I’ve always loved motorbikes. Ever since watching my Dad go out on his when I was really young.

Once old enough, every chance I got, I was out on what ever bike I could get my hands on. I first started riding motocross on waste land, then progressed to riding them on proper tracks, and loved every bit of it (even falling off!).

I always wanted to get a proper road bike as soon as I turned 21, which I did. I wound up buying a ZXR 750 off a friend’s uncle, but unfortunately this would be the last bike I’d ever buy, or so I thought…..

Since my accident, in 2009, I was determined to ride again and thanks to Talan and his team, I did!

It was such an amazing experience, after two years of dreaming, to be finally sitting back on a bike again. After getting back to the pit lane, reaching a whopping 113 MPH on my last lap, I had a grin ear to ear under that helmet of mine, which stayed there for days after.

I’m booked to go back and do level 2 of The Bike Experience and learn more track skills and gain more confidence on the track and hopefully reaching higher speeds.

I couldn’t have ever achieved this with out the help of Talan, his team and my two best mates Bill and Dixon. Also the support of my family and good friend Sarah Hunter. A big thank you to you all!!


Jeremy Mitchell – Bike Experience RIder on 22 June 2011

I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your team for a fantastic day and for allowing me to fulfil my 29 year dream of riding a bike again.

It’s nearly a week since I had my Bike Experience and I still find myself grinning the largest of grins, something that has been lacking for a couple of years, so thank you again.


Brett Crossley – Bike Experience Rider on 10 August 2011

Today I rode a motorcycle on a race circuit again for the first time in nearly five years thanks to Talan Skeels-Piggins and Bike Experience. It was bloody fantastic.

I’ve struggled to take the massive grin off my face since. The racer in me that has been dormant since my accident has been well and truly reborn. Thanks so much guys!



Richard Crossley – Brett’s dad

To be a part of today was a privilege and a life changing experience not only for Brett but also for myself, thanks to everyone involved and to Talan for the inpiration and dedication, thankyou



John Herbert – Bike Experience Rider on 4th September 2011

I would personally like to thank you for today, I am on such a high now and also feeling very emotional and very proud of what I achieved today.

I would also like to thank the rest of the guys who supported me, they are a credit to you and the bike experience and they are also a credit to themselves, not many people would give up their time an effort to help disabled guys like myself.

Thanks again Talan, I can’t wait to get back on a bike.



Owen Burke – Bike Experience Rider on 21st September 2011

I used to live for riding. Two and a half years ago I thought that had been taken away from me forever. Talan and the Bike Experience volunteers made it possible for me to experience that indescribable feeling of riding a motorcycle once more.

The day is very well structured. Starting in the car park the riders are shown how to mount and dismount and are then familiarised with the launch and catch procedures. There is no pressure and everyone is simply encouraged to do what they can.

Progressing to the track we were led round by an instructor whilst remaining in fourth gear – the tractable SV650 was perfect for this and it was a great way to start the track session as there was no need to change gear or brake – one could concentrate simply on learning the circuit.

The bike allowed me to slowly build up speed throughout the track session without worrying about what gear I was in (handy as I was never in the right gear anyway!).

The volunteers (catch/launch crew, instructors, organisers) were all fantastic. I don’t know if they realise the magnitude of what they do. I cannot put it into words – I also cannot convey all I want to by saying “thank you”.

The bike experience day was one of the best things that I have done since the day I was paralysed. Thank you so much to everyone involved.