What to expect

The following is an example of a typical Bike Experience day.

The Bike Experience (at Silverstone venue) – day’s schedule:

Ready to launch0915 – 0930  Arrival at Silverstone circuit, sign on and orientation

0930 – 0955 Change into Leathers

1000 Explanation of Adaptive Systems used on motorcycle. Demonstration of Getting On the motorcycle.  Launch and Catch Explanation followed by Instructor Demonstration with each pairing of Launch Crew to ensure safety.

Starting out

Pupil Learning Goal – Getting On, Launch, Catch, Getting Off.  Aim is to allow the pupil to gain confidence in starting and stopping on the bike.  First Gear only, remaining within the cone area.  Straight line ride only.  Start and Finish point the same.

Pupil Learning Goal – Launch, Steering input, Catch.  Aim is to familiarise the pupil with steering input.  First gear, within the cone area.   One lap and back to Start/Finish point.

Pupil Learning Goal – Slow speed control.  As above, but with continued riding around the designated area including slalom and figure 8 movements.  In addition use of changing gear.  Aim is to develop confidence in slow speed riding and getting used to being back on a bike.

1200 Break.

1200 Bikes are moved to pit area, ready for Circuit Riding.

1215-1230 Track Briefing – led by Lead Instructor.  TBE and circuit instructors act as rolling marshals.

Talan (left) and pupils for a Bike Experience dayNext steps

1230 Pupil Learning Goal – Circuit acquaint. Aim is for pupil to get used to riding motorcycle again.  This will possibly be the most emotional time and lots will be going through the pupils mind.  Fourth gear only, use of brakes allowed.  Three laps of track.  Start/Finish in pit lane.

Pupil Learning Goal – Correct Line.  Aim is to get pupil to learn the circuit.  By looking at reference points, should shift riders vision out and away from the back of the instructor.  Third and Fourth gears.  Three laps of track.  Start/Finish in pit lane.

Pupil Learning Goal – Develop Riding Skills.  Aim is progress the pupil as a rider into regular riding technique.  All gears allowed.  Still following instructor for turning in and apex points.  Four/Five laps of track.  Start/Finish in pit lane.

1330 End of Bike Experience circuit session, followed by de-brief with Bike Experience Instructors.

1400 Change and/or lunch and/or departure.

Additional Notes

The Bike Experience is provided free of charge to riders.  However, as we are a charity, we ask that a rider considers making a donation at the end of their visit.  This can be done through the Bike Experience Gift Aid site, through a cheque or cash.

We ask that each rider brings two able-bodied helpers.  These will be used in the launching and catching process, so they must be strong enough to assist with getting the rider on the bike, as well as holding the bike with a rider on it.  They will also help you to get into leathers and keep you hydrated throughout the day and then drive you home!

The Bike Experience arranges for volunteers to come from the various motorcycling forums that want to help, and often we have enough to mean the helpers you bring will be able to watch and support rather than be used as Launch Crew.

However, if you want your own helpers to act as Launch Crew please advise the Bike Experience so we can manage the numbers of volunteers.


Back on a bikeWe would ask the rider to bring their own motorcycle kit or arrange to borrow/buy it.

If this is not possible, motorcycle leathers, gloves, boots and helmet can be provided by Bike Experience.  These items will be second hand/donated items and whilst we will only use approved equipment in suitable working condition, we cannot give a 100% guarantee on their integrity and that we will have your size.

If bringing your own motorcycle leathers these must be one piece, or if two piece they must have a full zip around.  We are able to provide helmets for the riders, so you can use these on the first outing, because if you’re going to fall off it will most likely happen on the first ride, at low speed and you don’t want to ruin your brand new lid.

A café is onsite, serving beverages and food.  An accessible toilet is situated in the café.  Suitable viewing facilities are available around the track for friends and family that may wish to come.


We will endeavour to record your visit with photographs and possible video from Go Pro camera.  This will depend on the availability of our photographer and whether you wish to engage his services.  He will be able to provide you with 60-90 photographs on a disc, which can be purchased for £30.  The photographs will be edited and posted to you at home.  You are welcome to bring your own camera and video camera, you do not have to buy the photos, but they do provide a great record of the day.

The Pupil will be continually assessed by instructors for safety, awareness, technique, confidence, understanding.  Instructor reserves the right to bring the pupil in at any time during the various stages if there is any doubt as to safety of the pupil, instructor or any other third party.

A liability waiver must be signed at the start of the day.

Directions to Silverstone Circuit

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A map of Silverstone circuit can be found on the Silverstone Circuit website.

Entry is through the ‘Competitors’ entrance, take the first right, as you drive along the road you will notice the fenced off area of the paddock, this is used by The Bike Experience.  Head towards the Tavern and park up.  The Tavern has accessible toilet and coffee etc.

Our ‘Wrangler’ will meet you and help you to orientate to the day’s schedule.